“Frequency. Value. Action.”

I’m the Email Adztec.

I will make human sacrifices for your business at the top of my pyramid to please the Gods and get you more sales….

Well, not really, but I’ve got the next best thing…

The magic formula to turn your one-time customers into potential life-time ones, through Email Advertising (Adztec, get it?).

Thankfully, human sacrifice does not bring businesses more sales as I fear we’d all be queued up at an Amazon sponsored Abattoir waiting for our grim fate so Bezo’s can sell more electric toothbrushes…

But what does bring in more sales though is a skill…

That skill is Copywriting.

Words are true power. They are the driving force behind your online presence. They are the link between you and your prospects. They are the difference between great success and dull mediocrity. The difference between you closing a sale or wasting your precious time.

A famous Copywriter once compared it to Alchemy. Turning words into gold.

Email Copywriters (me), craft copy (in emails) that captivate your readers, draw on their hopes and fears and persuade them to take action.

Story telling, providing value and emailing daily can turn your email list from a damp squib and into your greatest asset.


Email Copywriting Services

Simply put, I specialise in writing specifically for the fitness and health supplement niches. I will tell captivating stories every single day for your email list while plugging your products in the process.



Why Email?

Email is the number one way to market your products online.

You own your email list, so if Skynet terminates social media, you can always fall back on your most robust asset.

An Email Copywriter knows what works online. A 3 second window is all you have to grab someones attention in their inbox.

People are trigger happy with their delete button.

Subject lines have to hook them in, the copy inside has to be entertaining, frequency has to be high and you must have a call to action for whatever you’re selling.

Frequency, Value, Action.

People are sick of having boring sales emails flooding them every day with no value and no entertainment. It’s just a “Screw you, buy my stuff”.

I can help you get ahead of the curve and have people actually looking forward to reading your emails.









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