The Eagle Soars

What a fight.

Mcgregor vs Khabib captured the publics imagination.

Most Mcgregor fights do as hes a bit of a maverick. I don’t think there’s ever been such a disrespectful trash talker who can back it up in the ring too.

He’s the personification of internet troll culture, but with the sauce to back up the stuff he chats (unlike most of the guys online lol.)


He came unstuck last night and had his words rammed down his throat.

His opponent, forged in the mountains of the Caucasus, imbued with the genetics of a warrior people and guided by the holy Qu’ran, Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov is as dangerous as they come in the Octagon.

Khabib is probably as close to a modern-day warrior monk you can get. All he does is fight and pray. He’s a strict orthodox muslim from the Dagestan region of Russia, a region that is no stranger to conflict and hardship.

If you watch the pre-fight press conferences, you see the usual trash talking and disrespect from Mcgregor. Shoving alcohol in Khabib’s face, disrespecting his family, borderline racial slurs calling his team ‘terrorists’ and ‘rats’.

Stuff that would really get under your skin.

But Khabib is as cool as a cucumber. He has rivers of ice pumping through his veins. Absolutely no fear in this man. He lets Conor talk his talk. He keeps it respectful and doesn’t take the bait and flip out.

Come fight night it’s a different story….

Mcgregor gets pummelled. This is a serious beat down. Khabib’s teaching this man a lesson in humility. He’s a man channeling a cold fury and looks like he wants to smash him up bad after all the disrespect he’s endured. He’s been saving this up for weeks to now unleash on Mcgregors face.

Needless to say, the Eagle wins the fight and makes Conor tap out via a choke.

But then the real fireworks begin…

After the fight, theres another fight! 2 for 1.

One of Khabib’s team assaults Mcgregor, Khabib jumps the fence and attacks Conor’s team…

Absolute carnage breaks out.

Conor pulled stunts before the fight and now Khabib is doing the same after the fight. A lot of pearl clutching occurs, as apparently, it’s okay to act a fool before a fight but not after.

This caused a YUGE split on social media.

Has it damaged the UFC brand on arguably its biggest night?

Should fighters just shake hands and move on even though some extremely personal insults were said?

Well, in an honour based culture like that from Dagestan, the answer is no. It isn’t all handshakes and smiles.

Some things are just off limits I guess, family and religion obviously being a hard-red line to Khabib and his team. They weren’t letting Conor off the hook with a pasting in the ring, they wanted to humiliate him like he tried to humiliate Khabib.

Whether this is right or wrong probably depends on what type of person you are and the culture you come from.

Personally, I’m more on the side of Khabib. I value honour and respect and if someone was attacking my family and core beliefs, then I’d want to get pay back as well.

In my opinion, ‘Rising above’ isn’t always the best response and revenge can be the right thing to do if genuinely wronged. It’ll make them think twice about doing it again as well.

I’d say the same thing to my future son or daughter if they were getting bullied. It isn’t a case of ‘rising above’, it’s a case of not being pushed around and insulted.

It’s about respect.

Right or wrong, this is ‘street justice’. Words have consequences, or they used to until western society got wrapped in cotton wool.  But that’s a discussion for another time.

Conor got his mouth shut brutally last night.

Being a world class fighter himself, Conor usually had the skills to come through and justify his trash talking.

Not this time.

Rarely can you talk so much waffle without somebody coming along and shutting you up eventually.

Conor had a good run, was a 2-weight champion and made 9 figures in the process.

Not bad at all. There might even be a rematch.

I guess he might think twice before going off on someone’s family and religion now. Who knows? He’s probably too rich to care anyway and I can’t see him changing any time soon.

All I know is, these men both deliver and entertain in their own unique ways, my hat (Papakha) goes off to them both and I look forward to seeing them both in action again in the future.

This time the Eagle soared to new heights, but who knows what could happen in a rematch?





Most people don’t have the god given talent and work ethic Mcgregor has, but a hell of a lot of people talk as much rubbish as him. Mostly from the safety of their desks, behind a screen and are usually not as entertaining.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘Khabib’ of the business world making the fraudsters tap out when they scam their customers out of loads of money for terrible services or products. The closest we have is testimonials and reviews that can expose these lovers of talking the talk and not walking the walk.

That’s why I’m offering gargantuan discounts on copy projects in exchange for your valuable testimonials that I can then proudly display on my website so it’s not just me being all lonely and blowing my own trumpet in the corner.

As always, email me at or contact me through this site to get the ball rolling.

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