The Wlad Jab Way

Wladimir Klitschko had one of the best jabs in boxing. The best since Larry Holmes. He was a bit before my time though, so I’d say Wlad had the best jab I’ve seen growing up.

This man’s jabs are like ram-rods.

If you watch videos of Wlad’s jab, not only is it accurate, he literally bust’s people up using it. Which is rare as usually jabs are quite light.

A jab is kind of like the ‘can opener’ punch.

It finds your range, it scores you points, it’s a distraction and keeps your opponent honest and under control…

Most boxing guys agree that it’s the most important punch in your arsenal.

The simple jab!

Not the skull cracking haymakers that make the highlight reels on YouTube.

But what is it about the jab that makes it so effective?

  1. It’s Fast.
  2. It has a long reach.
  3. Most likely to hit the target.
  4. Least likely to leave you exposed.

The jab can be used to lull someone into a hypnotic state if you throw it in a regular sequence. The jab can also knock someone out of their rhythm like a banana skin on Strictly Come Dancing.

No other punch is as versatile.

Which got me thinking…

This is exactly like the most effective way to market your products.


Writing daily emails to your list is the best way to increase the revenue of your business. It beats social media and it beats advertisements.

Most businesses don’t do this.

They rely on a ‘haymaker’ email every month that’s just full of offers or products. People see it coming from a mile off and swerve it. It’ll usually end up straight up in internet landfill.

The savvy businesses who will ‘jab’ away at their list every day, telling stories, providing value and entertainment, are the ones who don’t get deleted and are emails their list will look forward to getting.

People will be expecting your emails every day. Like a boxer’s jab, you’ll slowly lower their defences and they’ll be more susceptible to your offers.

You’ll also knock them out of their routine of just clicking delete on their other salesy emails. Your emails will provide value and have a killer subject line and it’ll snap them out of it.

Email marketing is fast as hell for obvious reasons, a personal message straight into your prospect’s personal inbox.

It’s also accurate because people are signed up to your list and they’re interested in what you’re selling.

It has the longest reach as it’s online and not confined to a local area.

Email is also the least likely form of marketing to leave you exposed.

You own your list!

It doesn’t matter if Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Amazon etc shut down.

You can still message your list and sell directly to them.

Other marketing methods might have dried up or a competitor might be muscling in with ridiculous ad spend.

It doesn’t matter.

Nobody can touch your list.

So, if you’re taking a battering and you’re against the ropes, know you can always rely on your jab. You can fall back on your most trusty, versatile weapon and secure those sales no matter what.






Developing a jab like Klitschko’s takes a long time. Hours shadowboxing, sparring and punching bags. Time you don’t have. I can jab, jab, jab your email list and win you round after round, I can be fighting in your corner and getting you more sales.

Email me at or contact me through here.

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