Road Of Life: What Are You Driving?

Why do BMW owners have the reputation of driving like absolute lunatics?

This is a phenomenon that has plagued my thoughts for years. I’ve had many sleepless nights tossing and turning on why this stereotype seems to be one of the most common out there.

Now before the “not all BMW drivers do” crowd comes out the wood work, here’s the disclaimer: nobodies saying ALL, they’re saying its a common stereotype….

The closest answer I can think of, is that because it’s the default ‘status’ symbol of a bit of success, it inflates egos to the point that people think they can drive recklessly. Afterall, if you’re driving a BMW and someone else is driving a Focus (me), then they’re a peasant to be rammed off the road.

It’s like a licence to do what the hell you want. Just check online and people are all saying:

“Do BMW’s come fitted with indicators?

I’ve yet to see them be used. Just turn when you want and the peasants will move.”

“What about tailgating?

Nothing like cruising down the lanes to see a mean looking 5 series appear in your rear view, 50cm from your bumper, snarling for you to speed up or crash into the bushes to let them past.”

“Ordered a takeaway?

Just rock up and park on the double yellows right outside, hold up traffic for 10 minutes, collect food, then calmly slide back into your heated seats and crank up the volume to your power ballad CD.”

“Someone going the speed limit on the motorway in the fast lane?

Shift to gear 5 and under-take that slow joke of a car. Who cares if they can’t see you pull across? Do they see you’re driving the ultimate machine?”

But is this an unfair analysis and purely anecdotal?

BMW’s are a popular car, they have good speed, handling and they look great.

I think the green-eyed monster definitely plays a role in the rep of drivers of these cars.

I mean if you were given a BMW tomorrow would you drive it? Or would you be like “oh no, I won’t drive this, it’ll turn me into a psychopathic monster”.

It’s a classic case of the fox and the grapes.

If you had a high performance car, wouldn’t you want to push it a little bit? See what it’s capable of?

You wouldn’t buy it to just do 30 mph through the suburbs.

I guess this is the same as marketing yourself online or offline for that matter.

If you’re trying to better yourself and develop, chances are you’ve ran into some people in your circle who will judge you and be naysayers.

You’ve got to get yourself out there do a bit of undertaking, turn with no signals and park on double yellow lines.

You’ll get some real bitterness when you do finally overtake them.

But at the end of the day, who cares what others think. You’ve got to do what’s best for you and follow your own path.

You can either go 30 in a 9-5 til the day you retire or flex the rules, take some risks and be a BMW driver on your road of life.

I know which i’d rather do.






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