Late Night Lessons From TV Roulette

Who remembers late night roulette?

Maybe you still watch it, it’s weirdly good viewing at 2am when normal programs have stopped.

I remember lying in bed watching Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift on ITV 2 for the 15th time that month and getting sucked involuntarily into the world of TV Roulette.

The first thing you notice is the suited and booted, heavily make-upped host with their salesman grin and slick script…

I mean they’re good at their job.

When you’re half asleep and this guy is telling you how fun and amazing the game is and how much you can win, its quite persuasive.

I’ve even been tempted to chuck a couple of quid on green zero to see if it’s my lucky day.

The next thing you notice is the scrolling menu next to the host. This table has all the usernames of the winners of the last spin and how much they won next to them.

Rouletteman69 has just won £450…

Dumbo56 has just won £42…

Nothingbettertodo1956 just won £890…

You sit up and are like wow, people are winning quite a lot at this, I wanna be up on that scrolling menu!

Then the host proceeds to read out some of the winners to congratulate them. This happens every spin which happens roughly every 2 minutes, so people can place their bets and win big.

But of course, underneath this thin veneer of good times, winning money and jolly music, lies the vast fields of the corpses of losers.

Thousands of unlucky go-getters litter these fields for every winner that gets their name on the holy scrolling menu, but it’s not in their interest to show you a loser’s menu too. They want to create the illusion that everyone is winning. Which is a sound strategy because they want to make money and hook you into gambling yours away.

The funny thing is, it could all be rigged anyway. Unless you’re there in the flesh at a real casino, TV or online gambling is very suspect in my opinion.

You know what this is a lot like?

Fake Internet Experts.

The amount of ‘experts’ who have a thin veneer of success, knowledge and money but scratch a little below the surface and it’s all fakery is mind blowing.

You’ve got PT’s claiming to be natural who are roided up to their eyeballs, giving people advice on how to get big.

Pick-up artists who stage videos with actresses to get you to believe their methods work.

Business guys posting screenshots of revenue and not profit to make you think they’re making bank so you buy their course.

These guys have rigged the game and they want you to play.

The one redeeming feature of roulette is that it’s pretty straight up in what it does. It doesn’t try to lead you down a path to waste your time or teach you false information which can totally screw you up.

It’s spin and maybe win.

I guess what it taught me was to always check your sources. Do a bit of digging when you consume your information and make your own mind up, don’t just take people’s word for it, no matter how nicely it’s dressed.

Who knows how much of my student loan I’d have gambled away if I believed everything that channel presented?

Who knows how much money you’ve wasted on bad products or services because you didn’t do your research?

A little bit of time spent on some detective work goes a long way. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.





Sending out bland, promotional emails that are identical to your competitors and get deleted as soon as they hit the inbox thanks to them being blatant sales pitches can feel like playing rigged roulette.

Yeah you might get the odd win, but 9/10 you’re wasting your time.

Let me rig the game in your favour, i’ve got the formula. Email me at to get started.

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