The OODA Loop

Observe, orient, decide and act. The OODA loop was developed by a U.S Air Force Colonel as a combat operations process, demonstrating how agility can beat raw power against human opponents.

Nowadays it can be applied to all sorts of stuff from commercial to educational.

Basically, the quicker you can go through the loop, the faster you’ll react and the more dead the opposition fighter pilot will be.

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Late Night Lessons From TV Roulette

Who remembers late night roulette?

Maybe you still watch it, it’s weirdly good viewing at 2am when normal programs have stopped.

I remember lying in bed watching Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift on ITV 2 for the 15th time that month and getting sucked involuntarily into the world of TV Roulette.

The first thing you notice is the suited and booted, heavily make-upped host with their salesman grin and slick script…

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How MTV Accidentally Saved The West

Jersey Shore was one of the best programs on TV. It pioneered the reality/lifestyle genre, there was nothing else like it at the time.

People love to say MTV is corrupting the youth and is pumping crazy amounts of SJW propaganda into the soft brains of our children…

But I have to disagree.

I think MTV accidentally gave an amazing philosophy to impressionable young people watching Jersey Shore growing up…

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Road Of Life: What Are You Driving?

Why do BMW owners have the reputation of driving like absolute lunatics?

This is a phenomenon that has plagued my thoughts for years. I’ve had many sleepless nights tossing and turning on why this stereotype seems to be one of the most common out there.

Now before the “not all BMW drivers do” crowd comes out the wood work, here’s the disclaimer: nobodies saying ALL, they’re saying its a common stereotype….

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The Wlad Jab Way

Wladimir Klitschko had one of the best jabs in boxing. The best since Larry Holmes. He was a bit before my time though, so I’d say Wlad had the best jab I’ve seen growing up.

This man’s jabs are like ram-rods.

If you watch videos of Wlad’s jab, not only is it accurate, he literally bust’s people up using it. Which is rare as usually jabs are quite light.

A jab is kind of like the ‘can opener’ punch.

It finds your range, it scores you points, it’s a distraction and keeps your opponent honest and under control…

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