Nightclubs and Maths

Working as a bouncer in my local town has been entertaining to say the least. It keeps you on your toes and it’s very sociable. You get talking to some interesting people and learn a lot about human nature and communication. Well, you either get good at talking or get good at fighting, I like my youthful good looks, so it was a no brainer which one I chose to master.

I work at a busy sports bar and you get to see a good cross section of society and I soak up all the information I can.

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Building Roman Roads

This weekend I’m staying at a little cottage, right in the heart of England. It’s in the middle of nowhere. I took the scenic route to get here as this part of the U.K is stunning.

Anyway, here in the midlands, many years ago, some tanned, inventive chaps decided they wanted a slice of Old Britannia and invaded. Known for their engineering genius, the Romans then started to build roads and towns all over the shop, roads (and towns) that still exist today.

To get to this cottage, I had to go down a road, the old A5, which literally runs across the whole country in one straight line. I think it finishes at some beach in Wales. Very impressive. This road is straight for miles and miles, much like how they built the roads in the US. A to B in the straightest line possible. How it should be done in my book.

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Targeting Like A Pro

I thought I’d do a whole post on this as it just hit me how important it actually is after I finished editing my little story about the kid.

More often than not, companies do an ass backwards approach to selling. They’ll get some smart guys together to come up with some crazy new product or service, then go to town with the marketing. Without actually checking if people want what their selling.

Pretty mad right?

Some companies will burn through stacks of investors cash like a crackhead who has just won the lottery to invent something brand spanking new. Just for it to flop. Flop hard.

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Dodgy Laptops, Naughty Kids and Sales

Today at I learnt a valuable mf’ing lesson.

Basically, I work as a learning support at a school with extra challenging students. Most of these kids you can work with, there’s an element of give and take. But some of them, once they’re set off are just impossible. They will get violent, throw things, bite… you name it, they’ve done it.

Anyway, I had this student in the afternoon for double P.E. I thought it’d be a nice little end to the day, I mean, what kid doesn’t want to go down to the park and play football?

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Big Ideas

Like the great Ogilvy says; “Unless your advertising has a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

Along with procrastination, not having a big enough idea is the silent killer of sales. You condemn your copy to the grey sludge of the competition if you don’t stand out with a big idea.

Sure, you can sell a product or service. You’ll get some conversions and make some chump change. But that’s not why you hire a copywriter. You want to hit home runs. You want the 40 yard screamers that make you the big bucks.

You do this with big ideas.

But what is a big idea? A big idea is important, exciting and beneficial. A big idea latches on to your brain like the kraken latches onto a fishing vessel. It is memorable and won’t let you go. It troubles you. It keeps you awake at night wondering what the hell it could be.

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