Late Night Lessons From TV Roulette

Who remembers late night roulette?

Maybe you still watch it, it’s weirdly good viewing at 2am when normal programs have stopped.

I remember lying in bed watching Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift on ITV 2 for the 15th time that month and getting sucked involuntarily into the world of TV Roulette.

The first thing you notice is the suited and booted, heavily make-upped host with their salesman grin and slick script…

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The Wlad Jab Way

Wladimir Klitschko had one of the best jabs in boxing. The best since Larry Holmes. He was a bit before my time though, so I’d say Wlad had the best jab I’ve seen growing up.

This man’s jabs are like ram-rods.

If you watch videos of Wlad’s jab, not only is it accurate, he literally bust’s people up using it. Which is rare as usually jabs are quite light.

A jab is kind of like the ‘can opener’ punch.

It finds your range, it scores you points, it’s a distraction and keeps your opponent honest and under control…

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