Oil Sheikh Luck – Striking Liquid Gold

Now that’s money.

Gold plated Lambo’s, pet Lions, Insta models you fly out to do god knows what with.

I think there’s an Oil Sheikh in everyone deep down.

Who wouldn’t want to live in the Gulf, own a football team in Paris and have a couple of mega yachts floating around the Med?

Whether money motivates you or not, you’ve got to admit, it makes life a helluva lot more comfortable. “I’d rather cry in a BMW than cry on a push bike” or whatever the quote chavvy girls are sharing on Facebook nowadays.

Everyone’s on different paths of their journey.

You might be like me, just starting out on the grand path to wealth, or you might have achieved it already, or maybe you’re so close you can taste the diamonds. Or maybe you’re not on the path at all and don’t care about all this, maybe you’ve quit.

Anyway, the quitters or non-starters like to call success or gaining wealth: Luck.

Yeah, you might get inheritance, win the lottery or some other act of Zeus, but to multiply it and keep it takes work and skill.

I saw it all through the presidential election with Trump, yeah, he was given $1,000,000 by his father when he was a wee lad, but he turned that into billions.

I bet if 99.9% of the population were given a million dollars, it’d be gone within a year on useless crap, straight back into the entrepreneur’s pockets. Nothing created, just consumed.

I’m not rich by any means. Not yet anyway. But I do understand that to get Oil Sheikh money and strike liquid black gold is to do one thing:


Try your ideas out.

It’s no good being a Geologist for Aramco and saying, “I think oil might be here”, then for the company not to attempt to drill for it.

Yeah you might be wrong, you might drill into a whole lot of nothing.

Then again you might not, you might hit the oil equivalent of the Atlantic Ocean and be swanning around in a Gold-plated Lambo before you know it.

To not try, to not commit to action, is the death of dreams.

I know loads of people with great ideas. I know they have the expertise and skills to start their own business and really get some freedom for themselves and family, but they just won’t start.

They won’t commit 60 minutes a day to building something that could one day be the key to get them out the rat race.

360 hours in a year could be the difference between stacking boxes in a Warehouse and working for yourself.

Marketing and Copywriting is no different. I’m no paid traffic expert but I do know people split-test hundreds of ads to find that one killer ad that makes a fortune. Like drilling for oil in the desert, eventually they will strike oil.

Direct response sales letters are another example. You could have 6 or 7 copywriters all writing a sales letter, but one will usually out pull the others and then be used as the control.

Most businesses don’t even attempt to market differently, don’t attempt to change their copy or don’t attempt to test hundreds of ads. This stagnation gets you left dead in the dust by the companies that do. The companies not afraid to fail to hit the jackpot.

Just try. Try and fail. Don’t be afraid to fail and learn. Brush yourself off and go again. Stagnation is death. Keep it moving and you never know, you might just get ‘oil sheikh lucky’.





I’m drilling with this blog post right now, who knows, somebody might read it and be like hey this guy might be able to help me with my marketing. Some people will read it and be like ‘hey shut up, I love my job stacking boxes in a warehouse.’ Either way, I’m drilling and testing, you never know unless you try.

Email me at connoremery92@gmail.com and maybe we can strike oil together.


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